Faux potted succulents: DIY tutorial

Recently we have created a couple of faux potted succulents as a gift and decided to share this quick and easy DIY tutorial on the blog. What's great about them is they don't require sunlight or watering and are a perfect gift for anyone, especially people without a "green thumb" :).

Here is how-to:


1. Faux succulents $2.99 each (we got ours at Target). Make sure to inspect them carefully and avoid the ones that look too plastic.

2. Wine corks

3. Glass container (old tea-light holders, bowls, anything will do)

4. Decorative rocks (IKEA or any other store)

4. Awl

DIY faux succulent tutorial: supplies



Make holes in the corks with an awl. This step will help the succulents stay in place in your container (ours had a very small stem).

DIY faux succulents tutorial


Insert your succulents in the holes you just made.

DIY faux succulents tutorial


Place your succulents in the chosen container and fill with decorative rocks. Et voila!

Faux potted succulents DIY tutorial