How to hang artwork on walls: our favorite tips

New Year means new resolutions! And this year we are resolved to hang our artwork on walls without destroying the walls in the process and so that it looks great!

So, here are 3 art hanging tips from 2016 that will help you display your art the right way:

TIP 1: How to hang art above the sofa

How to hang art above the sofa

TIP 2: How to hang art above fireplace

How to hang art over fireplace

Tip 3: How to arrange art above sofa

You can hang 2 or more pictures above your sofa or couch in a linear pattern. Keep in mind that your art pieces should be at least 2/3 the length of the sofa but no more. Also, make sure that pictures share a similar narrative or color scheme and are of the same size.

How to hang pictures above sofa

Do you have any tips for hanging your artwork? We would love to hear them!