Small photo stand/placeholder diy tutorial

This is a very quick and fun DIY that can be completed in less than 20 minutes and does not require sophisticated woodworking skills. 

You can use this to display your small photos or as a placeholder for all the upcoming parties! Better yet: if you have small snapshots of all your guests you can use them instead of the name card to create a unique and personal table setting!

DIY Photo holder
DIY placeholder


Small wooden planks or 1/2 inch square dowels (from Home Depot or any other store)

Drill and drill bit 3/8 inch diameter ($6.99)

3/8 diameter neodymium rare earth magnets ($12.99 for the pack of 40)


Supplies needed


Cut 2 wooden planks to size (we cut ours to 3 inch length using hand saw)

Stain or paint if needed

Drill a hole in each(we used one magnet per plank)

Insert magnets (you can glue them in for better hold)

Insert your photo or place card and you are done!

DIY Small photo holder

Et voila! You are done! Took us about 15 minutes to complete!