Modern gallery wall made with old snapshots

With the change of season we always feel like switching up something in our space. Fall takes us back to the memories of places we visited and spent time in. So, one day browsing through our old photos, taken ages ago, we found some really interesting 4x6 snapshots taken during a trip to Europe! They were going on the wall!

Vintage travel photos

We wanted to keep things simple and modern, therefore decided to go with sleek white frames and mats. Luckily, we had thrift store frames at hand, which we spray painted with matte white chalk paint (Krylon). We also purchased white mats at Michael's (you can get them at any other store as well).

Photo gallery
Gallery wall

A few things to keep in mind:

1. Photos must have the same theme or color palette (all photos we used share the same colors)

2. For a more modern look select simple and minimalist frames (the color depends upon your preferences and photos)

3. Hang all your framed pieces in a linear pattern: either vertical or horizontal

We hope this inspires you to create a display of your travel memories!