Hang on: DIY art hanger tutorial

Here is our own version of this easy DIY under $15. We love the fact that It allows you to switch artwork any time because of the magnets used (art is not permanently attached).

Here is the finished project with our own new floral print:

DIY Art hanger tutorial


3/8 diameter neodymium rare earth magnets: $12.99 for the pack of 40 purchased from Home Depot (can make a lot of these hangers now!)

Glue $5.99

3/8 inch diameter drill bit $6.99 (luckily, drill on hand)

2 oak planks 4 ft each (any, as long as they are not too thick, because they will be too heavy)

Stain (if you want to stain your planks)

DIY art hanger tutorial: supplies


Step 1

Cut your planks to size. You would need 4: 2 for the top and 2 for the bottom. Ours were 20 inches long (our art piece was 20x30 inches).

Step 2

Sand the planks. Measure and drill the holes for the magnets. We did 3 holes in each plank for a better hold.

DIY art hanger tutorial

Step 3

Stain/paint planks if needed. We used Danish Oil that was leftover from previous projects. You can actually skip this step and leave the planks as they are.

Step 4

Insert magnets into the drilled holes. Here is the trick: do not forget about the polarity of the magnets! We had to remove some and flip them because physics was not our forte in school and we completely forgot about such thing as polarity.

Also, the magnets fitted snugly into the holes, so we did not need the glue!

DIY art hanger tutorial
DIY Art hanger tutorial

That's it! Total project budget: under $15.

We used command strips to hang our finished hanger, but you can also insert eye hooks and use the string/rope.