DIY contact paper boxes

We had some old cardboard boxes that did not go with anything but were in too good of a shape to throw away. There was a whole roll of contact paper on hand as well left from our previous DIY: tea-light holders. So, this called for some hands on, since extra storage boxes are always in demand: they can be used for storing anything from remotes to LEGO guys!


contact paper (any, really)

scissors & ruler (we did not end up using the ruler)

old cardboard boxes

Contact paper box DIY


Just lay out your lid on contact paper and trace it.

Make sure to add extra space since the paper will wrap around the sides of the box. You should end up with a shape like the one below.

Then wrap your paper around the box. Smooth out all the bubbles from the center outwards (sometimes they tend to form when working with contact paper).

Repeat the same for the bottom.

Contact paper box DIY

And here is the end result.

DIY Contact paper boxes

Square boxes are best for this kind of project because they line up with the contact paper grid which makes measuring easier (no need to even use the ruler).

 You can also check out this great tutorial on wrapping boxes with contact paper from one of our favorite blogs HomeOhMy