Weekend DIY: slatted door mat

This weekend was all about home improvement and we decided to take on a small and quick project. The quicker the more rewarding!

We had a plastic doormat behind the house and moisture was accumulating underneath it, since it is a shady spot. So we needed something to let the air in.


After some Pinterest research, it was clear: we were going to take on a simple wooden mat project.


12 2x2 cedar sticks (we bought 3 12 foot long 2x2 cedars and had them cut in the store to about 3 ft each)

Nylon rope (you can use sisal, jute or anything really: we wanted to go with smaller rope so ended up choosing the nylon one)


To do

Just simply measure and drill the holes in the 2x2s. Sand them to avoid splinters (ours were pretty smooth, so it did not take long).

Then tie a knot at one end of the rope and thread it through the hole, making a new knot after that. Repeat.

You should have something like this...

DIY Door mat

We stained the cedars using an almost transparent stain that was left over from another project (to protect from the elements).

And here is the end result.

DIY slatted doormat

Total budget: $34 ($28 for the cedars and $6 for the rope). Finished mat size: 36 inches x 23 inches.